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A Tasty Tortilla Soup

Whether you like it spicy or not, this savory chicken tortilla soup is a comfort dish all year long!

Cooking Methods

There are several ways to cook tortilla soup including on the stovetop, in the crockpot, and in the Instapot. The best part of the different cooking methods is that they all take different amounts of time and fit all different styles of cooking! If you're on the go and in the hurry for some last-minute deliciousness, then the Instapot is for you. If you'd like to really customize the soup and its ingredients, then the stovetop allows for more alterations. Of course, there's also the crockpot to dump your ingredients into and go about your business while enjoying the aroma. No matter your preference the end result is the same great taste!


Like all my favorite meals, the chicken tortilla soup is totally customizable! You can change up the ingredients to fit most dietary restrictions and satisfy all picky taste buds, too. Some changes include:

  • Protein (or not)

  • Broth base

  • Veggies

  • Beans

  • Salsa

  • Toppings

  • Citrus Juice

This tasty tortilla soup has so many ways to make it yours, from the cooking method to the toppings. How will you prepare it?

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